From Local to Global

No doubt Dance World Cup is a world class event. Dance World Cup is the leading international dancing event in which thousands of dancers from around the world participate in a variety of competitions. This competition is now the greatest all genre dance competition in the world for children and teenagers and adults. Dance World Cup has been held yearly since 2009 in different countries, such as Italy, France, Austria, Portugal, Romania and England. Dance World Cup is different from a local competition. Before reaching the finals, dancers progress from the qualifying matches in their home countries to the finals. We bring our dancers overseas to explore the beauty of dance at Finals, competing with world class dancers and attending Master Classes.

In June 2023, we took over 250 dancers together with their teachers and parents from Hong Kong, Beijing, Shenzhen, Macau and Taiwan to Europe to compete in the DANCE WORLD CUP FINALS, a yearly worldwide dance competition. With over 7500 dancers from over 50 countries participated this year, the competition was held for 9 days, from Jun 30- Jul 08 at Braga, Portugal.

Good news never stops coming since the final began. Throughout the competition period, we had made good achievement and had won numerous gold, silver, and bronze medals, and some of our representatives were invited to the Grand Final Competition and Gala Performance! Applause for the great efforts to all our dancers and thanks for the strong support of parents and teachers.

As the sole official organizer of the Asians Regions Qualifier, we aim to seek local talented dancers to showcase their talents on the global stage. We believe "one that travels far knows much". For those who seize the opportunity exists to explore and learn more. Through this international event, dancers will find opportunities to explore their capabilities in dancing and sense the aesthetic of dance through various performances help enhance self-confidence, build interpersonal skills and most importantly, widen their global vision. Dancers who participated in previous years all achieved satisfactory results and enjoyed a fruitful experience of acquiring stronger dance skills, a strong team spirit built up throughout the trip.

Next year, we are going to continue our effort on providing this global platform for dancers to realize their potential. The Dance World Cup Final 2024 will be held in Prague – Czech Republic. We are looking forward to your participation. See you at the event!